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Our Video and Graphic Editor, Cellestinus Muronga in the Newspapers

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Cellestinus Muronga, who is in the top five in the Streethouse Design-a-Tee competition is optimistic winning the grand prize of N$50,000. He says being a graphic designer has always been he’s dream and that’s why designing comes natural to him.

Muronga took part in the competitioon last year coming in the top five in the final of the competion, “I have received support from many people since the start of the competion and my T-shirts are selling progressively as people love it. The whole idea was to make a local brand based on Homegrown, which is a Streethouse brand and so I added Windhoek to Homegrown just to make it more local,” says the optimistic designer.

The brand that got him in the top five is the “Windhoek Homegrown” T-shirt brand, which is currently being sold at Streethouse outlets countrywide. “People should support me because the brand is representing our one and only capital city and after the competition the brand will be sold outside the country. So it will represent us out there,” he says.

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